Hey there, I am a director and DOP based in North Norfolk & London and lucky enough to often travel all over the world for my projects. I love creating emotive lifestyle based imagery, often inspired by the natural world and the adventures that can be found within the great outdoors. My big passion is human led doc style stories, paired with environments where a personal love for wild landscapes and adventure work together to create films that hopefully motivate and inspires others to venture into.

My commercial work varies from TVC & online campaigns, short form branded documentary, tourism and branded lifestyle content. I have worked with exciting clients of all sizes, I love to work with brands and individuals to tell their stories and help give them a voice to bring out the best in what they do.

Although the majority of my work is moving image based, photography was where it all stated for me as a creative and I still love to shoot stills and normally always have a camera close to hand creating imagery as this helps me keep connected to the spaces I find myself in when.

For more information about my work, to get in touch regarding employment opportunities or to just say hello, please feel free to drop me an email and if needed I have a rate card available upon request. 

I'm always happy to meet and grab a coffee to chat film stuff, potential collaborations or lend advice for anyone taking their first steps into this industry.

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